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For the past decade David Murry Salon has become Brisbane’s brightest hair salon in styling and hair colouring techniques. Since the creation of Balayage, David Murry Salon has positioned itself as the ‘go-to’ salon for sun-kissed and sultry hand painted hotness. Hair colouring is an investment, and the lightening process is permanent so the stakes are high, but we’ve got you sorted with the magic hands of Brisbane’s best balayage painters!

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So, what is Balayage?



  1. a technique for highlighting hair in which the colour is painted in such a way as to make the hair appear 3D. Creates a multi-dimensional yet natural-looking effect.

Balayage was a trend many years ago but given guests are still opting for their hair to be painted in sweeping, multi-dimensional strokes we’d say the trend has morphed into a classic.

What is the difference between Balayage and Highlights?

Grab yourself a coffee because this is going to take some time!

Balayage is a visual technique, meaning unlike highlights that follow a sectioning pattern, balayage allows a colourist to personalise the placement of colour. Being able to personalise colour placement allows our colour team to contour the hair in the same way you’d contour your face for the gods.

Traditionally, highlights are painted to the roots in packets of foils folded like your grandmother’s savoury pastry parcel whereas balayage is a technique painting directly onto lengths of hair, leaving out the foil packet process.

Now just to confuse you even further, some colourists will use the balayage technique but enclose the length of hair in a long packet of foil. This is done to create a little extra warmth which helps budge the hair a touch lighter than if it was left out and exposed to the elements.

Balayage can create more of a sun kissed look but can also take you right up to uber-blonde depending on many, many variables like natural level of depth, existing colour treatments on the hair, build-up from cheap supermarket shampoo and conditioner (not to judge but come on, treat yourself) and of course, most importantly, your budget. The lighter and brighter, the bigger the financial investment.

I bet you’ve got a raft of questions for us?

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