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Shampoo will wash away a multitude of sins and neglect, but we’re not here to pass judgement. In the same way your ‘go-to’ face cleanser removes a days worth of grime, shampoo will clear away dirt, environmental pollutants, product and natural oil build up, and preps your hair for exfoliation and hydration treatments. You could go down the traditional path of lathering formulas like ORIBE Signature Shampoo and WINDLE LONDON Everyday Shampoo or something less traditional R+Co Analog is a cleansing foam that’s weightless, softening and conditioning…It’s the perfect quick post gym cleanse without the full palaver.

If time is on your side then reach for WINDLE LONDON Essential Oils Elixir. This bottle of pre-cleanse elixir blended with apricot, coconut, camellia and natural oat oils is the ultimate way to start your pre-shower luxurisation.

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This is the one act of kindness most are yet to deliver to the place where healthy hair sprouts from, our scalp. A gentle scrub or exfoliant will do wonders for your scalp, like it does your face and body. Applied with small circular motions working from the outer hairline inward, a scalp scrub will work to banish dead skin cells, product build-up and environmental pollutants. Like it would for your pores, this will ensure your periosteum, the final most outer layer of the scalp, is cleared from excess sebum (the oil your scalp produces), encouraging faster and healthier hair growth.

ORIBE Serene Scalp Purifying Scrub reveals the secret to a primed and deeply purified scalp. Other favourites include R+Co Crown Scalp Scrub which uses Kaolin, a naturally occurring, mineral rich clay.

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Put simply, hydration will increase the chances of your hair still having feelings for you after a punishing colour routine or a salty weekend at the beach. Like moisturiser for your skin creates an instant smoothness and reflection, your conditioner—whether wash-out or leave-in—will do the same. This is a massive market in haircare, and what you chose to invest in will come down to how it feels and of course the all-important fragrance.

O&M Know Knott is a mist that will protect and leave it glossy and knot free and ready for styling. ORIBE Gold Lust All Over Oil might be small in size but its rich blend of extracts makes it a major player in the hair healing space. Transform over processed hair into camera-worthy perfection with R+Co Television Perfect Hair Masque.

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Your leave-in treatments; think of them as your get out of jail free card. Whether for your scalp or ends, hair serums will ensure your hair is at its optimal health—especially if you elevate your look with colour or heat style regularly. There are many hair serums on the market, whichever you choose will depend on your desired outcome or whether you’re a fan of creams or oils.

Formulated with the very best ingredients, ORIBE Gold Lust All Over Oil is luxuriously light so it absorbs instantly to restore hair to its former glory. ORIBE Split End Seal Beautiful Color Treatment is a trifecta in a bottle – reducing breakage by 65%, repairs up to 94% of split ends after one use and provides heat protection. O&M Project Sukuroi will help reconstruct even the most damaged hair, it has a unique smoothness that will make hair feel its virgin state once again.

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When your hair and scalp aren’t keeping up their end of the bargain, send a clear message by slapping it around with a deeply hydrating masque. One morning a week when you’re not leaving the house, slather up and enjoy the second cup of coffee while you and your hair drink in the goodness.

This intensely rewarding ritual works to nourish your hair, re-balance the scalp, and ultimately give you a renewed sparkle for the week ahead. Get ‘camera-ready hair’ with an added boost of lasting nourishment and shine in minutes with R+Co Television Masque. Fall in love with its warm romantic scent while dramatically improving your hairs elasticity and manageability. If you are after the crème de la crème of deep-hydrating masque, ORIBE Signature Moisture Masque will transform even the driest, most over-it hair, leaving it supremely soft and irresistible to whomever may run their fingers through it.

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