Seamless1 Keratin Smoothing Treatment


Fighting with frizz? It’s a universal problem, and one that’s exacerbated by the joys of living with Queensland humidity.

Though frizz and bigness is an unruly complication that no mane is safe from, there are ways to beat it safely, naturally, and effectively. It’s called the Seamless S1 Keratin Smoothing Treatment, and South Brisbane Hair Salon, David Murry Salon has it in their very talented repertoire of hair solutions.

What is a Seamless s1 Keratin Treatment?

In a nutshell, it’s a dermatologically tested new generation of organic hair smoothing treatment that smooths hair cuticles while adding shine. There is no smell, no fumes, no smoke and no formaldehyde. Oh, and unlike some traditional keratin treatments, Seamless S1 allows you to shower right after the process.

For those who didn’t know, formaldehyde is a chemical that’s super effective at penetrating the hair cuticle to provide optimal smoothness, but it’s also a known carcinogen (biiiig yikes!).

The secret weapon in this treatment is in its unique blend of ingredients formulated to ensure moisture is locked in, the hair follicle is protected from damage, and finally, the treatment is sealed to complete the process.

Oh, and the other amazing fact that makes Seamless S1 so unique is that it’s completely customisable to suit your hair type and the outcome you hope to achieve. Love your natural curls? Keep ‘em! Seamless S1 can target frizz while keeping your natural movement and bounce all while feeling tamed, softened, and manageable.


Who is the treatment ideal for?

Ok, so let’s be clear on one thing: this is not a permanent straightening treatment. Sure, it’ll loosen your curls and fight off frizz, but if you’re wanting to wake up in the morning with pin-straight locks, this ain’t the treatment for you. Think of Seamless S1 more like An epic smoothing and strengthening treatment that will greatly reduce frizz and bigness, significantly cut down your blow-drying time, as well as maintain it for longer, even on the most humid of days.

What is the process like?

Expect to be in the chair for up to three hours – not that bad considering most trips to the salon take much longer than that! At DMS, those hours will sail along as you lap up the luxurious atmosphere of his South Brisbane space, complimentary drink in hand. During this time, the treatment will be applied to your hair, then left to process, rinsed, blow-dried, and straightened.

You’ll leave with oh-so-smooth locks which, if you felt so inclined, could be washed immediately. After the first shampoo, you’ll notice your hair takes on its softer, shinier, and bouncier than ever before.

How long does it last?

You should get up to four months out of your Seamless S1 treatment, and during that time, there are no limitations on styling, so feel free to curl and straighten away without worrying about compromising the treatment. As for future hair colouring, talk to the talented team at DMS about when you can book this in but always best to colour after and not before.

How much does it cost and when can I book?

The starting price is $385 + additional mixes at $22 each as needed. The number of additional mixes depends on how thirsty your hair is and the natural texture and length.

Along with the in-salon treatment, we recommend you extend the life of your treatment while boosting moisture and manageability by using the prescribed Seamless S1 home hair care program of shampoo and conditioner.

So, ready for a frizz-free summer? Book a consultation with David Murry Salon here. Better hair days are coming!

*Cutting services or home hair care program not included.