O&M Rootalicious Root Lift Mousse


Size: 300ml

This product will help your hair stand up and get noticed. Rootalicious is a go-to mousse that forms an invisible barrier to support and lift hair. A native Australian duo work together to protect the hair and pump up the volume. Lilly Pilly works body into the roots and Quangdong conditions and protects the hair from styling.

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Best for adding volume. Creates the ultimate root lift.


Lilly Pilly is a native Australian plant extract ingredient very high in vitamin C that acts as a natural collagen plumping the hair. Quandong is a naturally derived Australian desert plant extract high in vitamin C, proteins and essential fatty acids. Keeps the hair healthy and nourished.

How to use

Section hair, shake well, and spray directly at the roots and mid length for a weightless, lifting effect. Comb through hair to add volume and support all over.